What is Smash Factor?

What is Smash Factor?

Elisangela Dahlke

Smash Factor is an important data parameter in golf because it provides valuable information about the efficiency of a golfer's swing and the energy transfer from the club to the golf ball. It is a measure of how well the golfer is striking the ball.

Smash Factor is calculated by dividing the ball speed by the club head speed. The ball speed represents the velocity at which the golf ball leaves the club face, while the club head speed measures the speed of the club head at impact. By comparing these two speeds, we can determine how efficiently the energy from the golfer's swing is being transferred to the ball.


Ball Speed/ Club Speed. The energy transfer ratio from the club to ball as a result of impact position on the club face.  Centered impact will improve smash factor for optional ball speeds.

FlightScope's goal is to grow the game of golf by improving the accuracy and affordability of technology for every golfer. Providing Smash Factor on all our products because we believe that it is an essential data parameter to help golfers improve performance and stay consistent.

As the official performance data tracking technology for England Golf’s new championship season, we will be present at the next events in England:

📆 English U25 Championship at Woburn Golf Club, July, 17-20

📆 English U18 Girls at The Caversham - Home of Reading Golf Club, July, 24-27

📆 English Amateur Championship at Ferndown Golf Club , July, 30th - Aug, 6th

📆 National Week (National Handicap Finals) at Woodhall Spa Golf Club, Aug, 13th - 18th.


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Download here the Smash Factor Guideline