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Practice with Purpose

Practice with Purpose

Mevo is a personal, portable launch monitor designed to help golfers improve performance


Practice with purpose using the FlightScope Mevo - an accurate, portable, and affordable launch monitor that gives golfers performance data they can trust.


The FlightScope Mevo is a launch monitor that uses 3D Doppler radar technology and can be used indoors and outdoors to provide users with accurate data to help improve their golf game.


Dial in your Distances

Dial in your Distances

Train and improve your distance control, club gapping, or challenge yourself in the FS Golf app

8 Data Parameters

8 Data Parameters

Includes 8 full swing performance data parameters with direct spin measurements

Practice Anywhere

Practice Anywhere

Use Mevo to improve on the range, on the course, and at your home with video and data on every shot



The Mevo provides users with 8 data parameters including:

Carry Distance
Spin Rate
Club Speed
Ball Speed
Vertical Launch
Smash Factor
Apex Height
Flight Time



Trajectory Optimizer

Mevo Swing Training

Your Mevo can now be used for swing training. This allows you to work on your club head speed without hitting a golf ball.

Club Choices

You can choose between your own club, The Stack System, or SuperSpeed weighted clubs.


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FS Golf for iOS and Android

A comprehensive and customizable phone, tablet, and watch app allowing users to practice with radar data, video, and more.

Data Margins and Instant Feedback

Set your minimum and maximum values for any data parameter to train smarter and improve consistency.

Data and Video Combined

Automatically record, clip, and store video of every swing without interruption for easy review.

Challenges   NEW

Test your skills with friends in fun-to-play challenges for any skill level.





Mevo App

A customizable phone and tablet app allowing users to view data, video, and trajectories.

Automatic Video Clipping & Storage

Includes the option to set pre- and post-trigger durations.

Action Video with Data Overlay

Automatically creates videos that include the entire swing with corresponding data.

Real-Time Performance Data

Measures 8 data parameters, available immediately, including an option for text-to-speech.




30-Day Return Guarantee

30-Day Return Guarantee

We trust that you'll be happy with your Mevo purchase, but if you're not, our Customer Care team is here to help.

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