Setting up your Mevo+

From the moment you receive your FlightScope Mevo+, you may want to take it straight to the driving range and put it to the test. But, before you can start hitting balls, you will need to know how to set up the device. Luckily, the incredible technology that comes with the Mevo+ makes this process a breeze.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to set up your Mevo+:

1. Log into FS Golf

Before you can do anything with your Mevo+, you will need to download the FS Golf App, which is available for free on iOS and Android, and is also available on Windows PC.

Within the app, you will need to either create an account through the FlightScope Cloud or login with your existing account details. When you open up the app for the first time you will also need to allow all app permissions for full functionality.

After logging in, you will need to ensure the FS Golf app is set up for Mevo+.

First time users of the app will immediately be taken to a screen with a selection of the FlightScope radars that can be paired with FS Golf. Once you have selected Mevo+, tap apply and restart. You will now be brought to the home screen of the FS Golf app.

If you have the FS Golf App set up for another device, click on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the home page, then select ‘Radar Settings’ and ‘Radar Type’. From here, you will be able to select Mevo+.

2. Switch on and connect to your device

After you have logged into FS Golf and selected Mevo+ as your radar, you can switch on your device. This is done by holding down the power button at the top of the device until you hear a single beep. The device will continue to make beeping sounds until it is fully switched on. Once you get a double beep, the unit is ready for connection.

Once your device has been switched on, you can connect to it on FS Golf by selecting the top right hand corner of the home page. You can either connect to your Mevo+ manually or by scanning the QR code on the back of the device.

In order to connect manually, go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings and select the radar from the list of available networks. The password will be the unit’s serial number (eg. M2-000123). When you re-open the FS Golf application, it will automatically connect to the Mevo+.

If you choose to scan the QR code, the app will open up your camera so you can scan the QR code on the back of your Mevo+. Within seconds of scanning, you will receive an option to connect to your Mevo+, which is identified by the serial number on the back of your device.

3. Configure Radar Setup

Once you have connected to your Mevo+, you can choose to begin a session. This will automatically open up ‘Radar Setup’, which can also be found under the ‘Radar Settings’ page within Settings.

Here you will be able to adjust the distance to the ball, the tee height and the target alignment.

If you are beginning a Full Swing Session, the device should be set up 8 feet behind the ball, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You can choose to pace this out, but a tape measure is recommended if you want to be spot on, as correct setup matters for accurate data.

The target alignment on the Mevo+ is particularly simple.

When you select ‘Target Alignment’, the app will open up the camera on your Mevo+, as well as a graphic including a target line, golf ball and hitting area. All you have to do to get the perfect setup is make sure the graphic of the golf ball, target line and hitting area are lined up perfectly with your actual hitting area.

4. Adjust Tilt and Roll (if necessary)

The Mevo+ includes setup aspects called ‘Tilt’ and ‘Roll’ for maximum tracking precision. It is worth mentioning that your device will only ask you to adjust these if they are out of the set limits.

Thanks to the intuitiveness of the Mevo+, adjusting both of these aspects is very simple.

Essentially, the ‘Roll’ is dependent on how flat the setup surface is, as the Mevo+ works best on a flat surface. So, if you set up your Mevo+ on a driving range which is not completely flat – then you will have to adjust the roll until it is at an acceptable level. The device provides real-time updates, so you will be able to tweak the ‘Roll’ until the numbers turn green.

The Mevo+ automatically sets the ‘Tilt’ to the required 12 degrees. So, all you have to do is open the kickstand on the back of your Mevo+ until it is all the way back, then you’re ready to go.

Once your Mevo+ is set up, you’re all set to enjoy the countless benefits that come with this incredible device.