What is Data Margins?

What is Data Margins?

Elisangela Dahlke

Data margins are an extremely useful tool that FlightScope users can use to practice with a purpose and receive instant, real-time feedback in the FS Golf app after every shot.
We define data margins as a range of values specified by the user for a data parameter with anything in that range being acceptable and anything outside that range being unacceptable.
Users can set minimum and maximum values for any data parameter to train smarter and improve consistency.
In this video, you will learn what data margins are, how to set up data margins in the FS Golf app, and a real world example of how to use data margins in your practice sessions.

As the official performance data tracking technology for England Golf’s new championship season, we will be present at the next events in England:

📆 English Champion Club at Ealing Golf Club, Sept, 22-23

📆 Senior Country Finals at Thorpeness Golf Club, Oct, 9-12